Ankle Fracture Physiotherapy

Fractures can happen in our bones when a force causes a discontinuation of a bone. In the case of ankle fractures, it means that one or two bones of the patient’s ankle is partially or fully broken. Fractured ankles usually happen because of two main reasons: ankle-twisting injuries such as in falls / tripping or … Read more

Ankle Impingement Physiotherapy

anterior (front) ankle impingement physio

Ankle impingement basically means that there’s something in your ankle that’s pinched (or compressed) with movement. That’s the simplified version, and this painful condition usually affects people who experience movement forces through their ankle at these “end-range” positions, such as cyclists as they pedal dancers as they pivot gymnasts as they kick off and land … Read more

How to Prevent Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are downright both a terrible experience, and worse, they can happen and recur too easily. Especially if left untreated or as many patients think “ankle sprains can heal on their own”. If you have sprained your ankle once, it is at greater risk for reinjury in the future, so if the ligaments did … Read more

Ankle sprain physio

Ankle sprains are pretty common foot and ankle injuries that happens when our ankle twists or turns beyond its normal range of movement. It can be pretty painful – I remember the day I sprained my ankle during my first time learning ice skating, man, my ankles were pretty painful. I couldnt walk properly for … Read more