Pain Management Physiotherapy

Pain management physiotherapy refers to how physiotherapists help people manage their pain on a daily basis in work, responsibilities and even play.

The foundational level is to first and foremost reduce the pain experience on a baseline level and secondly will be to teach ways to manage their pain on a daily basis.

The #1 focus is to give control and power over the patient’s pain by learning strategies that can help them improve their quality of life and independence to the maximum possible.

Sometimes this sounds a little fluffy, because for people who do not have much or any pains, it’s hard to understand, but pain can be all consuming if it’s very big, or can be a constant drip-nag if it’s milder but always there.

As a person who experiences pain regularly, I can emphatize. As a clinician and running an agency of physiotherapists and other pain relief professionals, I am glad to share with you that we help a great deal of patients manage their pain, especially those suffering from physical pains and chronic pain.

We can and will teach you how to deal with your symptoms and improve your quality of life in order to help you maintain your functional ability.

Some of the physiotherapy treatment approaches and modalities for pain management may include

  1. Pacing & Planning
  2. Relaxation & Deep Breathing Exercises (DBE)
  3. Managing Flare-ups
  4. Mirror Therapy
  5. Personal Exercise Programs
  6. Hydrotherapy
  7. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
  8. Acupuncture
  9. Dry Needling
  10. Manual Therapy
  11. Education
  12. Ergonomics
  13. Normalizing Sensation

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